Peachy Pie

I finally finished the baby quilt. Giving myself ultimatums apparently worked.

It is a mix of fabrics, most of which were scraps that I over cut for other quilts. And I still have some left over for future quilts or projects. The binding is scrappy too, with bits of binding left over from my sister's quilt and other pieces from the quilt top.The pattern is based off of Jeni Baker's Braid (I would put a link but google is having issues and I can't get there), but I reduced the rectangle size since I was using scraps.

I found this style of quilt label on this website, and have adopted it for awhile. The back is flannel.

My quilting project for next week is basted, labelled, and ready to go. On a different day.

My son has switched to basketball for a few weeks, so I will get to try to get used to taking pictures with gym lighting. And try to get better pictures than the ones I took of the first game--I seem to have captured a lot of his fouls! Here is one that is tamer:
Looks like he is getting ready to boot it down the field.

Well that took way longer than necessary. Nothing like a few glitches uploading pictures and signing in to my  own blog to help me practice patience.  Have a great weekend--stay warm and soak in the sun when it peeks out of the clouds!


  1. Peachy pie looks delicious! Lovely job.

  2. These patterns are awesome! Good for you!

  3. I love how much the cream bricks add to the quilt. I may have to try that.

  4. Your photography of this quilt is perfect!


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