The #1 quilt of 2014

Ok, it's really just the first one. It is still too early to see if it is the best of all, and really I hope it isn't!

I made this one from that set of precut Sasparilla strips, using a pattern from Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew. I think several of my first quilts were made by following along with her online directions.

The backing is a flannel from Joann that had great colors to match the front, and even looked a bit like little horseshoes. And now I see a little thread to clip. Some day I will take the scissors outside with me when I take these photos. I always find little threads I missed.

It is a bit dreary out so I wasn't sure if I could even take the pictures, but I finally decided it is just mist and wouldn't hurt the quilt or the camera.

 This tree definitely looks like we are finally getting enough moisture to move out of the "drought" phase.

One of the big branches that fell from our tree. My daughter wanted it for a balance beam/seat so we have trimmed off the extra things that would impale someone. We still need to move it, and by we I mean more people than just me because it is heavy and not really in a good spot to just drag it to where we want it.

And that reminds me of a couple of photos I took on my phone.

This was the training session for using a chain saw.

And this was his supervisor (she's wearing safety goggles). Dad was standing behind him, making sure he avoided his feet.

With the colder weather we are inside more, which means my daughter is doing a lot more art. This is the barn she got for Christmas. Clearly it needed to be red. I don't have a picture of it finished yet.

My son reads or sorts his Pokemon cards or pretends to play basketball or some other sport in the house. It great for both of them that we have wood floors, what with the paint she is using and the ball is dribbling. Dribbling and bouncing off the wall. We have a short pain threshold for that noise.
And that is my daughter's stuff on the stairs. The numbers she drew on them (surprise for me!) and her random artwork on the wall. I really like when they can go outside.

Also, I walked in the kitchen one day and turned right around to grab my camera.
Her brother got a crystal making set for Christmas. She took her money to the toy store and bought herself one, a bigger one with more colors. We now have these little bins setting around growing crystals. The clear one is going a bit crazy, but the other colors are taking a little longer.

Anyway, that's some of what's been going on around here. Now I need to finish this up and get out of here for the OKC Quilt Show!


  1. Congrats on your finish.....lovely quilt! Thanks for sharing. Marie (

  2. What a great easy looking pattern and it turned out terrific!!

  3. I love this quilt, the fabrics you chose and the pattern are wonderful!


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