a birthday

Saturday was my birthday, so I got up early and started painting the porch. Yeah, that's not really two things that typically go together but it was warm and sunny, perfect painting weather.

After a basketball game we headed out to lunch with my parents and sister.
My mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted. I couldn't decide between Mississippi Mud cake or Italian Cream, so I told her she could pick which one she wanted to make. She couldn't decide either!

Then we went back to the house for more painting. My mother said I was having a painting party for my birthday.
My daughter loves painting so she got in on the action too. I loved the warm weather, getting so much of the work done, and time with the family. It was a bit exhausting for a birthday though. Since I was off work today and it was miserably cold, I stayed in most of the day reading one of the books I got for my birthday. It was good to take a day of rest.

Speaking of my daughter, she has been leaving little notes on our walls (on paper), like this one:
You may notice some other places in this photo that she wrote, not on paper.

I walked to the kitchen this afternoon and burst out laughing at this one:
She said she hung it up when we were mopping last night so no one would walk on the floor with dirty feet.