The morning began with a tea party. My daughter had been writing invitations to me all week, but with the painting and other things, it hadn't happened yet. We were both ready this morning.

No the tiger wasn't invited. We only had two brownies left.

She got it all ready while I finished up a chore. We also had some reading time (not the stack behind her) and then we both moved on to other things.

I did a little bit of sewing today, finishing up number 7 of 8 dishtowels a friend ordered. I might even do some quilting tonight after the kids go to bed.

After a basketball game (and win), we headed to my grandma's birthday party. She made it home from the hospital and seemed much better than when I visited her on Thursday.

My grandpa was also doing better, although he did not seem to enjoy the party. Until he got some cake.

After that he was a bit happier and even able to talk, although he still wanted to leave.

We were all glad to seem them both feeling better and be able to share another birthday with them. And now you could too!