on the road

My son chose an assignment to learn about the photography of Ansel Adams and then produce his own photographs in that style. We watched most of a video, he looked at photographs online and in a book, and then he was ready. After seeing all of that scenery though, I knew we needed to get out of town to do this. We live in suburbia in the middle of Oklahoma. Yes, we do live in a older, "vintage" home and live next to campus, but it is still the middle of town and NOT Yosemite. After looking at our closest options and the weather, today was the day and Turner Falls was our best option.

They were glad to get out of the car. She even took an after school nap on the way. It is still pretty much winter here, but that just adds character for black and white photography, right? And for the record, these are all MY photographs. He did get some good ones though.

 This is the main falls. The area is still in drought so it is not as powerful as it would be during a rainy season.

Because the colors are, well, winter ones, some of the pictures tend to look like colorized black and white photographs. I like all of the textures in this one.

 Exploring the "castle." They could have played quite a while up there.

This is one changed to black and white, and is the texture and lines that I saw as we drove through the Arbuckles a week ago. It helped me figure out what I want to do for the quilt inspired by the rocks on my shelf. However, pulling over on the side of road on the interstate to take the photo is not wise. This was a much better solution.

And this one would be one I would turn in if it was my assignment:
I think it is the same photo as the color one up at the top of the page. I still like color but both are pretty. If he lets me I will post some of his another day.

Besides the need to get back home for dinner, the reason we did not stay to hike and play here much longer was that we planned to make a stop at the Bedre chocolate factory on the way home.

The perfect last stop for our road trip. Looking forward to the next one!