Snow days and baseballs

After waking up each morning to check to see if we had a snow day at home, I finally got to tell the kids yes. I had a mentor training scheduled for mid-morning at home, but she called and we rescheduled to tomorrow. My son rushed through chores so he could earn some screen time, and even did some work on this Trout Times newspaper he's working on. My daughter dragged out the ponies. So, it was time for me to finish a rag quilt. I added on the top row and and then propped myself in the bed to cut little notches everywhere for an hour or so. Got to hear Little Mermaid songs at least three times, but I also had an extra pair of eyes to help me see where I missed.

After a wash and dry, it looked like this:
It's still a bit lint-y, but I think that is the nature of this kind of quilt. When it is not so cold, I will take a picture of it hanging up outside.

It is a baby quilt for the grandchild of my parents' pastor. As you might guess, they all like baseball. They picked out the style of quilt and even brought me all the fabric! I found the tutorial on this website and it was pretty easy to follow, even though it was a little different than how I usually make these things.

I also took the time to finish the last of the dishtowels a friend asked me to make. She already paid me for the set, so I wanted to get these to her as soon as I could. I was able to use some of the fabrics from a previous quilt. These are a great way to use up fabric scraps.

Well, I am have been invited (or told) to come play a card game so I guess that's enough for now. Stay warm!