warming up

We took a break from the snow and cold with a trip to Great Wolf with some of our friends. The kids missed a day of school so we could go when it was less crowded, but they seem to have recovered.

He really does not like forced posing.

These are the kids' tables. I think two of the kids (including one of mine) are sitting at another table behind the babies.

It was great fun--although the blast of cold, wet air when we left the hotel was just plain rude.

We've also been watching some Olympics. I keep staring at the patchwork designs everywhere. Not the low volume tan coats the USA team is wearing but the rainbow bright patchwork used on the signage and some of the other uniforms. According to their website, the design team incorporated designs from each of the regions of Russia in the individual "patches." Very cool.
image from rrdcreative.com
My sewing table looks a bit crazy right now.

This is bits of three different quilts. And my daughter's pink leggings with a hole in the knee, despite my insistence that I can't patch knit.

I'm about halfway finished with a summery group of red and blue log cabin blocks. The majority of the fabric is scrap, except for that blue and red floral, and the red gingham. I have a LOT of blue scraps.
I think I will separate the blocks with white sashing but I'll decide for sure after I get them all done.

The next pile is a quilt inspired by the rocks, fossils, and shells on the shelf next to my sewing table. This is a night time picture so the colors are not that great, but it is a mix of sandy colors and amethyst.
I stared at a lot of rocks as we drove through the Arbuckle Mountains to figure out the pattern to use for the top. And then came home and cut a big mess of it. I'm not so sure about how this one is gonna look or if I'm gonna like it, but I'm plowing on.

The third one is a birthday present, hiding under that magazine.

While on the drive to Texas, I had time to read through my new book. I hadn't heard much about this one yet, but really like it.
It is kind of a history of quilters--modern quilters--book and covers a wide range of styles from the more abstract works to those modern twists on traditional patterns. A few of the quilters I really admire aren't included but A LOT are. Lots of inspiration and knowledge tucked in this book.

The snowboarding is back on so that's enough for now. Enjoy the warmer days ahead!