a sunny weekend

With a soccer tournament for one child and the start of the season for the other, we got to spend a lot of time out in the sunshine this weekend. VERY thankful for the sunshine.

I have a funny set of photos I took while she was getting ready to score one of her goals. She is kicking it toward the goal and then one of the girls from the other team leans down to pick it up.
Grace was with me when I looked at the pictures and said she told her she shouldn't pick it up. Sure enough, my next picture was the "lecture."
What's even funnier is that after she gives her the mini-lecture, she keeps kicking the ball and scores on them.


After this we headed to the end of the first tournament game. I didn't get many pictures from this tournament because they played on the giant fields (used in 11v11) and just couldn't get much even with the longer lens. This is the best one I have, from the game this morning.

They ended up with a second place medal.
the Sharks plus their tourney guest players

Their crazy shoes.

Later this afternoon we spent some more time outside, doing some art and just hanging out on the porch. 

They even offered to pick up the rest of the sweet gum balls laying in our driveway, in exchange for marbles.
And of course, since I had them watch a video about Istanbul and Isaac got to see some market bartering in action, he thought this would be the best way to decide how many marbles they should each get.
They need some practice if they are gonna keep trying that with this seasoned pro. :)