a whole lotta kids

Yesterday we headed out with three van loads of kids (plus my car for the three who couldn't ride the van) to the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum. A few parents met us there too, so we had quite a big group joining the throng of other kids at the museum that day.

The cuties in my car:

Most of the day I hung out with the group of older boys and Grace. So I got lots of pictures!

Here's the whole group (I think). Kinda hard to see who is up at the top.

I did remember to get one picture of me. We tried to time it so I could get hit with the scarves and pom poms shooting out of the tubes but we are not so good at working the tubes, and my son was not so good with just getting ready to take the shot. He finally settled for just throwing the scarf at me.

Best of all, here's my car load at the end of the trip. The little one was the first one out and woke up when we got to town.

Today's a slower day at home, but those are the best days, especially after a full day like that one. Spring break is a good thing.