more spring breaking

Thursday was a work day, and since the kids were out of school, it was a "take your kids to work" day. We had a lot of work we could do to finish setting up another apartment--meaning I didn't have to sit at my desk all day with the kids going crazy in the room.

We got it mostly done that day and I was able to hand off the key on Saturday.

After all that, we were ready for another field trip. To a field. We had planned to go to my parents Friday, and with the forecasted warmer weather, we shifted it to a fishing trip on their land.

 I caught the first one, and even got to reuse the worm. The little fish were hungry and made it a fun fishing day. It was also wonderful to sit by the water out in the middle of the field, just watching the water, trees, and an occasional bird. And the bobber dipping down under the water again.

It took him a bit but he finally got one--and it was a bigger one, and a bass!
But he caught plenty of these too:

The cattle came to see what we were doing. They seemed a bit stunned that someone was sitting at THEIR watering hole.

After a picnic lunch, we went hiking a bit through the grass. I've been reading the Little House on the Prairie books to Grace, and felt a bit like we were out there, with the tv soundtrack running through my head.

I attempted a "scenic" shot of my most recent quilt, but the noon day sun overexposed the quilt and I couldn't tell until I got home. It does look better in black and white though, and as an added bonus, in black and white, the "lumps" on the ground just look like dirt.

My son lead the way at this point and took off through grass over my daughter's head. She did not like that and I suggested we head back to the pond. We did spot an old tombstone for a horse along the way.

The day was a wonderful end to our spring break field trips, and I look forward to more trips back this summer, especially during blackberry season!