Snow Days

Our weekend began normally enough. We spent Friday evening at our school carnival.

I helped at the chili and hotdog concession area so this was my view most of the time. Except when I ran to the bake sale to get one more cookie.

Saturday was mostly taking Isaac to various places. I made my daily trip to Lowes during one of those basketball trips. I had one more thing to finish before the snow hit.

And then it came. Church was cancelled. All day. Since it was one of my full days of work, well, that was snow day one for me.  My kids talked to their grandparents and got the idea about making some cookies.

My daughter wanted to paint her nails. That really didn't go so well, but it could've been worse.

I also started on a new quilt. I was a little tired of working on the log cabin scrap one. And just tired, so it was good to just cut fabric and sew little bits.
And then Monday. No school. We did a lot of house cleaning so we wouldn't have to do it later this week, and so my son could get some of his reward marbles to get some screen time.
My daughter broke out her play makeup. It is kind of relaxing to sit there and let someone brush little brushes on the face.
This was after the first layer.

Brother joined in too. Looks like somebody hit him and left a mustache.

 And this was me after the second layer and the "gold" treatment. The golden zombie look. She even gathered up all the powder on the table and smushed it into the side of my hair in the back.

Tuesday again no school. I took them to work with me for a couple of hours. Then since it was Tuesday treat day, we hit the Pizza hut buffet for lunch. We ended up at our church gym for some basketball and scooter time. Then I dragged them to Hobby Lobby to get the rest of the white fabric I needed for these blocks
and had to drag them out of the store away from the stuff jammed in the aisles.

It was some much needed time of rest after weeks of jamming in working on the house around work and everything else. I was able to do some cleaning, with help, and just hang out with the kids. I also dragged out some old records I had when I was a kid for my daughter to check out. Lots of "American Folk Songs" and "Animal Songs." She seems to like the folk songs, which are a mix of cowboy songs and I don't know what else--Shenandoah and Un Deux Trois and songs like that. It made me realize how much I must have listened to those because the lyrics were STILL stuck in my head.

Today was back to school for the kids and best of all, they don't have to make up these two days since they have been going to school extra minutes all year. And it's almost spring break!