Summer Dreams

A March quilt. Finally. We've slowed down on the house projects so I was able to push through and finish a quilt.

This one was designed around some blue and red leftovers, with a few more mixed in to give it variety. Lots of florals and other patterns that just made me think of summer. I am so ready for summer. Or more precisely, I am ready for it not to be cold for awhile.

I didn't have enough on hand for the backing so I broke my rule and bought the polka dot. I wish they had enough for it to have been only the polka dot, but I need to piece some and was able to work in some more leftover fabric.

Forgot to add the label on before quilting so I got to do all those little "x's" by hand.

I still need to work on a new idea for taking these quilt photos in my backyard since my former spot (the garage wall) has been newly painted. Just glad to finally finish another quilt and will deal with that later.