a little bit of a lot

I always find a few random pictures when I upload from my camera. Last week, a friend, my kids, and I went to an art reception for Brad and Nathan Price. Brad is a local artist and mutual friend of ours. My kids love receptions because they have learned that "reception" means "food is there."

We also got to see some great art up close and watch the artists at work.

I wish I had shifted this to the left just a bit so it could've been more about the two of them than just Brad.

This was my favorite of Nathan's artwork on display.

We also took time last weekend to look at our neighborhood rock display. We were watching the recap of the OU scrimmage on tv and saw a picture of them. I realized that while I made many trips there with my son, I couldn't remember taking my daughter there at all.

Early this week, I spent most of my free time finishing up the blocks for my Penny Patch quilt. It took up a lot of room, and I realized that it was time to tweak the room arrangement AGAIN.

It is warmer now, and that door beyond that quilt needs to be accessible, not blocked by zillions of little quilt squares that no one should touch. And that rock holding up the design boards was a bit precarious too. So I got it arranged then put them in stacks for each row and have been slowly working to change them from this

to this

It's a bit monotonous, so I decided to start another project to work on in between, to break it up.
And I made a batch of cookies to surprise my son's class when they finished the last day of CRT's.

It's still going to seem slow, but I have a goal of finishing by next Friday so I can take it along on our planned field trip to shoot the pictures of it. If it doesn't rain that day.

As soon as I got the quilt blocks out of the way, I started moving the furniture around. I took a shelf load of books out of the room to move them to my new office (once it has been remodeled and they let me in). They will hang out in my room for a month or two since there is no room in my current office. This afternoon I was able to open the door, listen to the birds and a nearby track meet, and sew away.

It won't last long. Once it gets to 100+ an open door will not be good. But that deck outside is shady on one end and is a great hang out with the kids. They will be happy I moved my mess out of the way!