all soccer

I watched A LOT of soccer games this weekend. Six. It would have been seven but my daughter's game overlapped my son's first one. Six is really pushing the limits of how much soccer a person should watch but it was an exciting tournament, and they won!

I had my camera with me the first day:

We even got to see my cousin's daughter playing, since they were in the same tournament.

We left the house so early on Sunday that I didn't think to grab my camera--or think through the fact that I may not be home to grab it all the rest of the day. At least these new fangled phones have cameras! The boys kept winning and winning and I needed to take some champions photos.

the Sharks minus a couple hiding behind others (including my son of course)
he looks a bit exhausted

his buddies from school

I'm not sure why my son is trying to choke the keeper (their tourney MVP). They will need him for a few more games. It was great to see them all play hard despite the crazy wind, and watch them work together as a team to bring home those medals.