spring chicken--an April quilt and a road trip

As I had hoped, I finished up my Penny Patch quilt in time for our road trip today to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. I thought it would be great to take it along and get a different background. But I forgot about our crazy Oklahoma wind. Not the tornado kind, but the usual every day kind that makes brushing your hair pointless. I did get these two but the rest of the time, the quilt was trying to blow away.

I had to chase a family of prairie dogs away to take that one.

The pictures of my kids and scenery turned out better for the most part (and if you just want to see pictures of the quilt, scroll down to the end of the post).
In the Nature Center

On top of Little Baldy

They could've stayed in the prairie dog area all day.
 Before we left the area we drove up Mt. Scott. A little terrifying in the bigger car but we survived.

That wind.

We finished up our trip with a late lunch in Chickasha at J&W Grill. Very tasty burgers, and it was probably for the best that it was a late lunch or it would've been super crowded.

OK. The rest of the quilt pictures.

I started with a Oink a Doodle Moo Chicks and Daisies fabric, paired with Amy Butler's Kashmir. The Penny Patch quilt-long guided me on the the other fabric selections of oranges and blues with lots of low volume. The "pop" fabric (the dark violet) was Anna Marie Horner's Loulouthi Clippings, which had both the orange and blue in the design.

and the back

more chickens. It is Chirp Chirp Vista by MoMo, with a bit of a couple of others from that line at the top. I tried loopy quilting this time. I like the texture of the quilt with that style but I think if I did something like that again I would write a word or two in the loops. A happy message of some sort.

That's the last quilt this month. I am working on a skirt for my daughter and maybe a bag for a charity, so May might be a quilt free month. I will at least get to post that mystery quilt finally then!


  1. Love your pretty quilt! Looks like a great vacation, too!

  2. Great quilt and super scenery! I can honestly say I have never had an encounter with prairie dogs! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well your penny patch quilt is so lovely - and so are your children and photos! Thanks for the nice visit! -Letty

  4. Just seeing this now since I'm thinking about making a Penny Patch quilt. I love yours!!!


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