No picture of my son hugging his teacher--he kept running away!
After a full last day of school, we headed out of town for some camping. It made the day busy but I knew we would have a better chance of getting a tent spot if we left then. I also knew if I waited until I was "less" busy, it would be mid summer and excruciatingly hot to sleep in a tent. We also chose a nearby spot, the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, to get there before the main rush as well as the ease of getting home should the weather--or children--not cooperate.

 It is always fun to find a grasshopper on a photo, one that I did not see while taking the picture.

This was the Chickasaw Cultural Center, a beautiful facility. It included exhibit areas, a water garden full of catfish, a village to explore, and even a cafe. I definitely recommend it to any of you in the area.

 Stomp dance demonstration

After some rest time, we headed over to the nature center. Sometimes we hike in that area too, but at that time of day it was a bit hot. Plus the springs that feed the ponds and creeks in that part are dry, so there is not much reason to hike to the pond. Dry ponds and waterfalls are depressing.

 She discovered these "free" art materials to bring home.

 The old spring house, where people would go for the healing waters of sulphur and bromide. The water supply of those springs dried up in the 80s.

We spent a little more time water side this morning, mainly so the kids could dig and throw rocks. Tents and small campsites just cannot contain these two well. They need more space to do their thing and talk loud. Or maybe us grownups need more space from them as they do their thing. Our tent site was ringed with trees but also poison ivy, putting us a bit on edge as they wandered and tried to kick the soccer ball and whatever else they found to do.

I feel like the sky was blue when I took this picture. Wish it was easier to tell what the picture looks like when I take it, but every time I think that, I remember taking pictures with film.

And just to prove I was there, one taken by my son. Apparently the trip turned my hair even more gray.

And now we're back home in time to enjoy a day off from work, finish putting away the mountain of stuff that came home from school, and get ready for my next adventure. It's a bit farther from home.


  1. I'm glad you posted this, I had been wanting to take the kids to that center and didn't really know what to expect


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