last week of school

This week seems to be the "let's jam all the extra stuff into one week" week. After a busy weekend with a full load of church duties, a house guest, and a Monday full of meetings (at least one of them included breakfast!), it has seemed a bit crazy.

Tuesday night we went to the Upward Soccer awards. Go Pink Panthers!

Wednesday morning: start the day with a play. It was written by one of the students and based  on the book The Great American Bunion Derby, written by Molly Griffis (seated in front of the students).

I made a quick trip to the city to buy some fabric for a friend's quilt. Then it was time for the 5th grade students vs. teacher game.

The guy in orange went down with a season (or maybe career) ending achilles tear. He had surgery today. While it did give the students a better chance to score when he was out, it's no good.

When they made the groups of kids, there were a few who got split up to even out the teams. At the very end, the PE teacher let them be on a team together. They were very excited--and this super competitive group worked hard to even up the score.
 It didn't work. The teachers won--again.

This morning there was an egg drop but I had work to do. One of my friends did send me a video (thank you Martha!). Isaac's team's entry (minus the mini football that held the egg in the middle):

And this afternoon was the annual beach day (minus the lake/ocean). I am still working to learn how to use manual settings. This one is a little too bright but I like it anyway.

A little sumo wrestling. . .

And then he challenged me to fight him--and who could say no to that?

The kids were actually cheering for me a little at first. Then they just wanted us to end it so they could have a turn. Looks like they are trying to learn some of my mad sumo moves!

The PE teacher yelled "one minute" was left in the beach party, so I knew I could stick it out that long. This is a very good workout by the way. Anyway, at some point in there Isaac told me I should step out--basically let him win and end it. That just made me mad and I ended it by pushing HIM out of the circle. The encouragement from the moms around the ring didn't hurt either! This is probably the last time in his life when I would be able to physically push him around, so hopefully it didn't hurt his pride too much. That was his 5th battle, and now that I fought in just one battle, I know that is an amazing feat in itself.

Tomorrow is a talent show (my son is in the "tech crew" so I can skip that), and some sort of kindergarten party in the afternoon. And lunch requests from both in the middle along with some last minute packing for our camping trip.

Then it's summer!