moving on up

Last week was a bit crazy. Not "bad things happening" crazy, just "events every single day and gotta remember what to bring to each one" crazy. Along with that field trip and handing out the teacher's quilt, we also hosted a picnic as part of the Kid's Hope mentoring program I direct.

The marshmallow fight at the end is an annual favorite for everyone there.
Saturday seemed a little more laid back than some (since there wasn't a tournament I think), but was still full enough.

I spent some time that afternoon at a nearby park working on some of my photography class assignments, trying to get the manual settings to stick in my brain.

This one is overexposed but I like it anyway. Looking at the settings, I think the shutter speed was too slow. It is huge progress for me to even guess that! We also spent some time painting, but I didn't take any pics of that. Was trying to hurry before I had to leave!

My parents picked us up from the park and took us to my son's game (they won!). I took my longer lens finally and was able to get some shots that didn't have to be cropped to be able to see him.

Such long legs on him. Does not get that from me.

After a fun Mother's Day, we turned our attention and cookie making skills to the next event, 5th grade recognition.

This is his class. And that is my son on the back row hoping this will all be over soon.

This is the other class, and the reason he was ready for it to be over--the 5th grade song singing.

Some of the teachers and their farewell song.

One of my good friends and her mentee.

One more week at this school and then they're on to middle school! After a summer break, which should be a grown up thing too in my opinion. Not sure who made all these rules and forgot to add that one in!