zoo season

We go to the zoo a lot during the summer, especially later in the summer when they have Way back Wednesdays. We can get in for a dollar each those days. And since it opens super early we can go first thing in the morning to avoid the heat and some of the crowds.

Yesterday was our first trip to our local zoo--and we went in the afternoon. It was definitely more crowded than our usual trips but the crowds thinned out. I guess it was nap time. Our first stop was to see the tortoises but this guy was showing off in the enclosure so I ended up with more shots of him. Plus two of the tortoises needed a bit of privacy.

We also made it there in time to see the elephant presentation, which we had never seen. It was a chance to see them a bit closer than usual.

We wandered around a bit more to see some of our favorites. Sometime when we do a morning trip, we will bring some art supplies but this was not the trip for that.

almost there!
So now you have been warned. Expect more zoo animal pictures this summer. Hopefully next time the tortoises will behave themselves.


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