a Sunday in Istanbul

One of the Sundays of this trip was mostly spent in airports and airplanes. For hours and hours. While I guess that could be considered a day of rest, I'd really rather not repeat that much.

Last Sunday was better. We started the day with worship. Brad painted.
Another painting already in the room was painted by Justin, our trip leader. I really liked this one.
We finished worship with a potluck brunch. I love church potlucks!

Most of us had the afternoon free, Crystal and I got a taxi and headed to --- IKEA!

one of my favorite little settings
It was way closer than the Ikea at home.Sure we had to get to Istanbul, but after that the trip was short, maybe 25 minutes?

We headed back and rested until dinner time, a proper Sunday afternoon nap. At one point we heard some shouting and learned that Sundays are protest days (it was more of a march and talk kind of demonstration from what we could tell). The hotel reception said they march down to the large square near the ferry dock.
As we left for dinner we saw more. This looked like several different groups.
If you ever read about protest in Kadikoy (the district we were in), you will usually see reference to a bull.
Again, on this day the protests were not the crazy kind that keep springing up over there, with massive amounts of police and tear gas. Just upset people getting together and yelling and trying to get attention.

Our Sunday ended at the Agapia Restaurant, which had a wide variety of food (not just Turkish) and awesome music. We went back the next day too.

Tomorrow I hope to post about some more of our art adventures. It will be a full day (and a LONG post) but I will do my best.