art in Istanbul

Well, an earthquake woke me up this morning so I have plenty of time to make this post before the rest of the day starts.

Much of our first week in Istanbul was spent looking at art or making our own.
We painted by the seashore at Moda, gathering lots of attention.


an actual hedgehog!

We visited the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. I believe all of the art there was created by Turkish artists.

one of my favorites. It reminded me of one of my grandmas.
We visited the studio of an artist (I did not write down his name-sorry!).

We sketched (I did too but can't take my own pic).

Galata Tower
I took a lot of photos, sometimes of patterns for quilts and sometimes just beautiful (or interesting) things.

We visited the Justin and Laurel's home, which was an art gallery in itself.

We visited the gallery of Ilham Iatalay and his family (no photos inside, but I brought some home).

We visited the beautiful Sultan's Garden (twice).

We also visited two carpet shops and a ceramic facility, but I will save those for later posts. I have at least two more--one left of the Bazaar day and one of Ephesus. Then maybe I will have started on the quilts I am making next and will have something besides the never-ending travel slideshow to put on here!