Our trip to Ephesus began with a bus ride and then a short flight to Izmir. I was really glad it was a short flight.
Our tour guide met us at the airport and took us on the short drive through the countryside to the Ephesus region. It was lovely being out of the city for a bit, and seeing more green and even mountains.
Our first stop was the Church of St. John. The region's earthquakes destroyed the church but we could still see that it was probably a beautiful building.
our guide and the floor plan of the church

a baptistry--for immersion!

We then stopped at a ceramic facility. I'm guessing all the tour groups stop there. It was still interesting to see how they create the ceramics and do the painting.

From there we headed to the third site of Ephesus, from the time of the Roman empire. Take the time to read Acts 19 and then look at these pictures. That is the setting (well, minus the rubble).

the layout of the city


There were a few tourist here. The amount of selfies taken here by them was incredible.

the library

the toilets

Each of those little archways was a shop. The guide said that one of these in this corner is supposed to have been one that Paul used for his tentmaking business.
A view from the top of the theater. The water used to come up to that street.
From here we headed to lunch and then on to a carpet shop/weaving school.
Little meatballs, bulgur rice, some chicken. Also had a large bunch of salads and bread. And dessert.

The silk lady getting ready to show us how she gets the silk from the cocoons.
They gave us lots of tea and coffee, flipped a LOT of carpets onto the floor, and people just couldn't help themselves.

But after that we were done. We headed back to the airport, had a one hour flight, and then a three hour rush hour traffic jam of a bus ride home. With a detour just to make us worry a bit. We made it home safe and sound. We did ditch the driver and his giant bus on a narrow street a block from our hotel though.