We had Friday free this week. Well, mostly, after we helped with a 9 a.m. bike pickup with the bike crew. We finished there, then had to make a surprise trip back to the house to drop off the toad they found. Then on to our plans.

I had found a Turkish restaurant in the area, so we headed there first. I wanted them to get to try some Turkish food (and hoped it tasted "right"). I actually recognized some of the Istanbul locations displayed on the walls.

He tried the lamb shish kabab and loved it. After we ordered I discovered the lunch menu on the back, which probably would've had smaller portions (and cheaper prices). I had the Iskender and got a cheese pide (basically a cheese pizza) for my daughter.  It was pretty good, better than I expected really.  I even had tea when I was done. I still really don't like it but it seemed like that's what I was SUPPOSED to do when I finished.

From there we stopped at a nearby Meditteranean grocery store then headed on to Martin Park.

We watched the turtles out front for a bit then headed into the nature center.

We hiked a bit and found the creek. 

While they wandered around, I did a sketch and played to paint it with my traveling watercolor set, but realized I had forgotten it at home.
We hiked the rest of the trail then made it back to the nature center.

The guide was there this time and after talking to him a bit, we found out the kids could help him feed the animals.

Now they want meal worms to feed the toad they found and brought home. I keep telling them (as the guide did) that they need to make a home for it in the garden and they won't have to find ANY bugs for it. I think I will be making that toad flowerpot house he mentioned SOON, for the toad's sake.