a bit of therapy

This week has been heavy. With a work load at my part time job that really would be saner with a bit more hours thrown in--too many upcoming events and program kickoffs. And with so many friends facing crazy critical surprise health crises. It has not been my favorite week.

One of the things I do to take a mental or emotional break is to sew and make things. So I have some finishes this week, including a quilt. I've continued to work on the quilt projects that I had started and then stuck in a box. Something more pressing must have come along (probably somebody's baby quilt). This week I finished up this baby boy flannel quilt. It was one I started from all the flannel leftover from other baby quilts.

The pictures are not that great. It's been raining (yea!) so these are indoor shots, plus the colors are so pale, it just all washes out. But you can get the idea.

the back
My aunt is coming to pick up this one and a girl baby quilt tomorrow.

 I've also been covering the mini sketchbooks I brought home from Turkey for the family. I carried mine in my purse for a couple of weeks and quickly found out why they were priced so low. Hopefully the fabric cover will help them hold up a bit better.

My current project is to finish this thing. It was one I started back in April then stuck in a bin. It was based off of a pattern in a magazine (I'll share the specs when it's done) and some rock cuts, but the sizes are a bit different than the pattern to accommodate the scraps I was using. I'm piecing together the strips and then will decide if I need to do something else with it. I'm still not really loving it, which is probably why it got shoved in a bin. That and all those babies needing quilts and overseas travel and what not.

I think there is one more "nearly finished" quilt bin to tackle and then I will be ready to move on to the twin size version of that last log cabin. And maybe I will even start working on quilt ideas from my Istanbul inspiration pictures.Surely I could do something with this

or this

or even this, cause I really like mountains
That would be a bit of a stretch of my improv quilting skills at this point.


  1. *lol* Love the cobblestone picture!
    I'm relieved to learn about other people looking at everyday things but thinking in quilting terms. Only last week I strolled over the market square in my town and got lost in looking at a twisted and curled extension cord, pondering wether it would make a good quilting design. DH prevented me from rearranging it. :-D


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