a mini quilt and bits of more

I finished the stack of pink blocks for the next quilt and have started cutting the fabric for the coral set. This set went a bit more smoothly as I worked out how to move through the fabric, basically doing all the blocks at one time so I can even out how I use the fabrics. Much less ripping apart this time!

After I finished up the blue set and was cleaning up a bit, I found some quilt blocks leftover from the Blue Lagoon quilt. It seemed like I could easily make a little quilt with these--so I did!

It is 20" square, so it could be used as a doll quilt or a mini quilt wallhanging. Or whatever. I've added it to the Etsy site. It was good to have a finish--working in a little one in the middle of this larger log cabin quilt.

I also added the Nicey Jane flower garden quilt to Etsy. Several of the older quilts are still on sale through the end of the month so take a look and start Christmas shopping now!

Several quilting blogs and magazine have focused on using up scraps lately, so while I was doing that clean up I also pulled out a bit more. I found some to do a mini value quilt.

The bottom part is just laid out. The top two rows have been sewn, so that will be the finished width. I think it is supposed to be 20" square also. I haven't decided if I will hang it in my office, my house, or list it. Since I'm working on it in bits as I work on the other blocks, I will have PLENTY of time to decide.

AND I pulled some fabrics that are not usually colors I naturally use. Some were gifts and some were one ones I found at one point for other quilts.

The picture is a bit off.
Anyway, I chopped them up into 5" squares and will eventually put them in a quilt, alternating these fabrics with cream solid squares. Eventually. Those are fall colors and I'm thinking it will be fall by then. I think it will be quite lovely. I hope.

That was definitely enough quilt work for one week. I'll try to stay focused on the log cabin now or I'll drive myself crazy!


  1. That value quilt is really cool! I have always wanted to try one of those.


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