Laney's quilt

This quilt began with a picture and a request. Make a quilt (well, really two for a set of bunkbeds) and use the colors in this sign from PB Teen:
I looked in my books and a few magazines and had almost settled on a pattern and then I saw the quilt on the cover of the Spring / Summer Quilt Sampler magazine. And it would work perfectly with the Wee Wander fabrics I had been eyeing.

The backing is from the same collection. The pattern in the magazine called for 16 fabrics in each color. I decided to do 8 (in double the amount). That made it a little more complicated when piecing together the log cabins, since I didn't want to repeat fabrics, but it worked out for the most part. So in each color about 4 of the fabrics are from Wee Wander, and the rest were others I already had (the pinks) or were some that I found at other shops. Since I was buying for two quilts, this was really a lot of fabric.

This is what it looks like on a bed, although not it's real bed.

and this is my son's glamour shot as he was keeping the quilt from plunging to the ground:

The quilt has made it to it's new home. I still have a twin size version to make, but as usual when I get done I need to clean up the sewing room and quite a bit of my house that I neglected while I was sewing away. And I have a wee little quilt or two to finish up. It's nice to work on something small after the big ones!

On Friday this post will link up to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish Up Friday, and for those extra eyes (all quilters) I have a question: How do you balance how many quilts you keep versus what gets given away or sold? Do you have rules? Do you try to keep all your favorites?  Other artists feel free to chime in. I'm sure it's a question painters and other artists struggle with too!


  1. I love that painting. It had great colors for making a quilt. And the quilt you made is stunning.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous - great fabrics/colours and very nicely put together, well done!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. It kind of reminds me of beachballs. As for keeping v giving away, there are some quilts that I specifically make to give away, so those go to charity or wherever without a thought. The others are all my favorites and they stay "home." Sometimes I will let people I really like choose one, and some go to family, but mostly they get used and loved right here. We do seem to have a lot of them, now that I think about it.

  4. I love this quilt. It's fabulous. I have Wee Wander fabrics and have been wondering about a log cabin for the two colour palettes. I love your addition of other fabrics, they match brilliantly.

  5. There are so many remarkable things about this quilt -- your fabric selections alone are stunning! Thanks for sharing on Finish It Up Friday.


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