mini eye

My kids are away for a few days with grandma and grandpa. So what am I doing with all this free time? We did watch a movie at home and didn't have to wait until the kids went to bed. I cleaned the guest room and bath--and it's still clean. I went to work some. I helped a friend as he cleaned out a storage building, taking an old globe and map off of his hands. Other than that, today was kind of rough there, so I am now flipping back and forth between Junk Gypsies (just found because I never watch tv) and Friends which I can't watch when kids are home. I know, I'm really living it up here.

And, of course, I finished one of those quilts piled up in my room.

It's 20 inches square and is Jeni Baker's mini warm cool value quilt. All made out of my scraps. I think it kinda looks like those God's Eye stick and yarn things I used to get to make all the time when I was a kid. It's is now hanging up in my office. I've about run out of walls for quilts in there!