one step closer

My goal for the current quilt is to be FINISHED by the end of next week, and for that to happen, I needed to finish the blocks and get the top sewn together this week.

I have the blocks done and hope to sew those rows together tonight and tomorrow.

We have had VBS every evening this week, which meant for me helping lots of kids make sand pendants. Like this kid of mine, who made at least four of them.

I also saw an awesome sale this week on photobooks so spent a lot of time going through my trip pictures and laying out the album. I still think I was going to do one more post about that trip, but really can't remember what about and it was a MONTH ago. Plus, I have some quilting to do! Look for a quilt finish next week.


  1. Phew! Take a few deep breaths, you sound busy busy busy! The quilt is looking fantastic! Good work.


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