a little at a time

The past few weeks have been difficult. Sometimes that translates into lots of sewing for therapy but not this time. Apparently this time my "therapy" has been to make order of messiness. I guess to add some sanity to life? I cleaned up and out most of the rooms on the the first floor (although it didn't look like it two days later). I cleaned out and rearranged my daughter's room. So far the only cleaning I did for the sewing room was to empty out the scrap bins. I started with some green slab blocks but wasn't sure what to do past that. Looking out the window as we drove across Oklahoma last Thursday, I was inspired.

It's been a fairly mild summer until a couple of weeks ago, so I saw fields of green covered by that full blue sky.

I added a strip of yellow across the top to represent that sun beaming down over all of everything this time of year. And to clear out a bit more scraps. I still have work to do on this one (it's just the top) but I'm glad to finish that much!


  1. Very cute quilt! Lovin' the colors and your blocks.

  2. Oh my this is gorgeous! What a great way to bring order to your scraps =)

  3. This top is SO AWESOME. I love it! The addition of the yellow at the top is perfect.


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