a two quilt week!

At the beginning of the week I finished up the Fractures quilt. I still don't know if I like it, but at least I finished it and it can now be something useful for someone instead a mound of fabric in a box (or on the floor).

Back in February I took my kids to Turner Falls, which is the Arbuckle Mountains near here. All along the interstate in that area you can see the layers of rock. Of course an interstate is not the best place to stop and take a photo so I had to settle for this one in the Turner Falls area.

So I worked on a quilt with that kind of fractured look and came up with this.
I know. Not the same and MUCH more colorful. The pattern was based on the Cabin Fever quilt designed by Ann Baxter in the Jan/Feb Quilt It Today magazine. If I remember (February was a while ago), I started with the beiges and tans, to would give it that same look as the cliffs. And then I needed something else cause beige and tans and golds needed more and one of the fabrics (the floral) included the violet and purple.

Backed with a basic lavendar gingham and quilted with a meandering squiggle. After I started quilting I remembered I was going to use an off white or ivory thread. I just kept on with the white and it was fine for most of it.

The second quilt is a scrap quilt. It was inspired by this picture:

and the Improv with Intention webinar by Cheryl Arkison that I watched a week ago. I finally figured out that I could do a scrap quilt based off of a color scheme/photo inspiration rather than an all color explosion.

It's small, maybe 3' square, and has been claimed by my daughter the queen of pink.

After this (and a much needed weekend break), I think I will be ready to start on the second of the log cabin quilts.


  1. I love improv and have yet to try it! Very pretty :)

  2. I really like your improve quilt! Nice colors and design.

  3. Very cool inspirations - I like the colour combos of both projects - great work!

  4. Your quilt is very pretty! Love the colors and the quilting. Very nice finish!

  5. I love your improv bouquet quilt. Love the colors, crispness of it, and your organic line quilting. You should hang it on a wall in your home. Nice finish.

  6. Both of your quilts are fabulous. Two in one week!! You were on fire!


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