a zoo

We made it to the zoo this morning, along with a BUNCH of other people who wanted to take advantage of the cheap prices on Wednesday. Really, our own group was a bunch of people.

 That's us minus me. Our own little stroller caravan.

It's a little harder to get a good shot with there are this many posing on the lions. Thankfully we didn't try to wedge the three babies in there somewhere!

We got to check out baby Rupert. Lot of the animals were out since it was a little overcast, even the cats. They are usually the hardest to spot but we saw a lot of them today.

Before we left my kids wanted to feed these birds, so we jumped in line before they closed it for the afternoon break. 

He was super happy until a third bird flew onto his back to join in the fun. Those claws are sharp!

I took my art supplies with me, but wasn't up for drawing after lunch. I had reached my zoo limit. I may draw from a photograph or two I took. Until then, this is the watercolor/sketch I did the other day: