around town

With the slightly cooler weather the past few days, we've been more willing to go outside. We have quite a few places to explore near our house.One day I went with my daughter to the creek. I drew and painted, she watched the little fish and hoped to find a frog. I didn't bring my camera but did paint a picture of her--and haven't taken a picture of that to put on here. So just imagine a girl with brown hair perched at the edge of the water, watching.

Another day we took a family walk on campus at OU, which is conveniently across the street from our house.
they got to spend a lot of time waiting, sometimes because they walked faster, but mostly because of the handstands

she did a LOT of these with all that green grass around

Yesterday was free Monday (the first Monday of the month) at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, so I left work an hour early and took them. I had been waiting to see the Hungry Planet exhibit as well as a fossil photography exhibit. That ended up being my favorite part there. Had I brought some paper and a parka (it was FREEZING in there) I would've done some sketch time. I at least got one photograph I can sketch from at home.

The Discovery Room:

watching the video of how they prep the fossils and take the photographs

a beautiful display but hard to capture without glare

someone always wants to pose here!
Wednesday we will head to the zoo. We still have a little over one week before they have get to go back to school, one week to wear them out so they will be ready to go sit with their friends in a classroom all day. Unfortunately I wear out faster than them!