catching up

I haven't posted much lately, mostly because, well I didn't know what to say. But here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

My kids at a birthday pool party--one too cold for me to have them wear their swim suits.

First day of school. I don't really do this thing. I see them on facebook and what not, but it is not for me. Maybe because I had a boy first, who went to daycare before he went to school, and got to share his first week of school with the birth of a new baby sister. While taking my daughter to preschool or pre-K or something, one of my co-workers took her picture. I still just don't really do this thing. I guess I am sentimental about other stuff.
I did take these.

I forgot to take his so this is his "I survived the first day of middle school picture." Maybe this is why I don't do these pictures too.

My grandpa passed away a couple of weeks ago, at the age of 97. 
He always gave us grandkids quarters when we would leave, slipping them in our hand as we left. My grandmother would divvy out a big bag of them at Christmas for our quarter bank and did so even up until her last Christmas with us when I was a senior in college. I think that is probably when he stopped too. We left some quarters with him to say good bye.

At the same cemetary. Loved the statue but did not like that it was a grave marker for a 6 year old.

Hoping to do a better job of honoring my days off to create more, photograph more, and have more on here to share! Well, maybe after this week.