My daughter's birthday was last Thursday so we've spent some time off and on since then celebrating.
First up was birthday donuts and presents from us.

I got her a betta fish, but have not figured out how to get a picture of it.

A couple of her friends were not going to get to go to her party so they had lunch with her on her birthday at magical McDonalds.

Today was the big Star Skate party, which was much easier than most of her parties to date.

My son got to invite a friend. He was much happier. Really, he would have been fine with the younger kids, but this was even better!
 She didn't get many of the coupons but she nabbed every dollar they threw in.

Afterwards the family headed to Vans to celebrate my dad's birthday.  He was not 6 of course--but is still in his sixth decade.
 And of course the picture I took didn't even have him in it. Oops.

Happy birthday Grace and Dad!