always in motion the Isaac is

Isaac had his first cross country meet last weekend, as well as his first soccer games of the season. He has a tournament coming up this weekend, so I decided I'd better post these pics before I get overrun with pictures of Isaac standing in a field somewhere.

yes, he gets to wear orange

awesome hair action

He ran with the 8th grade group and finished mid pack somewhere. And yes, it was cold.

This soccer game was in Elk City on Saturday. We got home in time to park a few cars then watch the OU game.

 They had bleachers for us to use at this field, and we sat right behind the team. But we all decided to disappear at halftime so coach could give them a good half time "discussion."

The game on Sunday was rainy so I didn't bother with the camera. Just imagine the same sort of field, and a team wearing red. They did win both games--an added bonus especially on that game with the 4 hour round trip drive!