that other September quilt

I finished it sometime this week. It must have been Sunday because I wasn't actually home Monday through most of Wednesday. Some day when the sun was super bright (maybe before I left Monday) I took some pictures.

 This pattern really kinda freaks my eyes out looking at this picture.

For the back I chose my favorite polka dot and some of the leftover squares (since I didn't make the quilt the original size).

The sun is BRIGHT in the morning.

I wouldn't say it is a quilt fail--that would be a bit extreme. But it isn't one of my favorites, and that is ok. I tend to keep my favorites and I don't need to keep every quilt!


  1. Congratulations on your finish! I like how the black background offsets the bright colors of the top.

  2. Not everyone likes a bright quilt... But I do! Lovely work, Angela! I like the binding that you chose. This quilt will make someone very happy!

  3. I love this quilt design! It turned out very attractive.


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