a bit of traveling time

After fall break, I went to work one day then headed out the door again, this time to a conference. In Austin. It took a lot for me to go there and I left sick but I did it. And yes, I got sick. I have traveled internationally and was fine, but I go to Texas and get sick. Shannon reminded me that the Boz said something about that burnt orange. I just don't have that kind of immunity! Just kidding . . . sort of.

The conference was No Need Among You and was hosted by Texas Community Christian Development Network and Mission Waco. My job involves working with a group that is from Texas, and they invited me to attend since the seminars fit my job well.

A shot of the river by my hotel, great for walking (or running if I had brought shoes for that):

I took my camera but mostly took photos with my phone because it is a bit awkward to take pics in church with a full sized camera while you're supposed to be paying attention. By the end of the first day I figured out the phone was less obtrusive:

Brandon Hatmaker, evening speaker

Jesus Said Love, leading worship
It was an all inclusive conference, so they fed us all our meals. This saved us time and money--but I did find a little time to sample some other food.

I learned tons and will be working all year (if not longer) to apply some of it to my own work in Norman.

As the only person there from Oklahoma, I was the brunt of a few jokes the first morning but it actually helped me--I had an instant icebreaker. It was a friendly loving serving group of people, and I loved learning from them. I may even drag a few of them up the interstate to share what they know up here.

I made it home in time to be a marriage witness for a longtime friend, another chance to share in life and community with the people God brings to my life:

 Excited now to be home for awhile, for a little down time before the holidays. I've got quilts to make!