a dozen

My son turned 12 this weekend. In honor of that--twelve photos from the weekend (and a couple from last).

 The past two weekends we split games with the kids, one away and one at home. This is in Ada. You can see the lovely foam wrap he gets to use to cover his cast.

A stop on the way home. I really enjoyed the drive across the countryside of Oklahoma.

The meet last Thursday. I didn't even notice his soccer buddy was running with him (actually passing him) when I took the picture.

 One of his favorite pasttimes.

 Presents from his grandparents.

Birthday dinner at Chuys with the Atkins

 Grace's game this weekend (I avoided a drive to Stillwater)

 Helping a teammate

 A little sideline rock paper scissors

 Birthday cookie made by grandma H

Birthday cake for his party with friends (made by me)

And that was the weekend (mostly) in twelve pics. Happy 12th Isaac!