last weekend pics -- before the next weekend shows up

We began our weekend super early. My son was in a soccer tournament here in town and we had a 7:30 game. 7:30 a.m. Which meant get to the field by 7 and leave the house by 6:45. Not really when we typically wake up at any time of the week, let alone a Saturday. And to make it even better, the temperature for that first game was around 25 degrees or so.

I took no pictures for that game or the next one later in the morning. It was really too cold to take my real camera, and it's super hard to get a decent picture in a game with a phone. Especially wearing gloves. The guys played hard but were outmatched, especially in the first game.

After that, the rest of the weekend got brighter. We headed to the end of the season soccer team party that evening. We all had a blast--especially the kids. Isaac brought home lots of ideas for ways to remodel our house.

We headed home late and awoke the next morning to snow that came down more and more as the day went on. Enough that we got a snow day three day weekend! I went to work in the morning but came home for lunch and stayed to play in the snow with the kids before it all melted away.

He was a little grumpy about the lack of snow at this point. I just loved that we had snow AND fall leaves.

doing her best to sled

Looking forward to the weekend ahead and the holiday next week--and the 60 degree temps again!