more Oklahoma Summer--November quilt 2

the first one
My cousin bought the first of these quilts and then sent me a text later. Her daughter LOVED the quilt--could I make another and in time for Christmas? It was a scrap quilt so first I had to survey what I had left. It looked pretty close so I said yes.

After piecing that last quilt, this one FLEW through the machine. Scrappy improv is the best. Today I tied the strings, finished the binding, and washed it. Unlike when I finished the first one, it is decidedly NOT summer so I stuck with indoor shots. The sun is out, but it's about 30 degrees out there.
Some of the fabrics are the same but I did get to add a few new ones in from some recent quilts.

So a Christmas gift is ready. Not one on my list of course, but it will help fund some of those.
Now I'm off to go cook a turkey I bought last Monday on impulse, since the per pound prices are way better than any other meat in the store. That should make the house feel (and smell) warm and cozy, just in time for weekend weather craziness (and a soccer tournament just to make sure we don't miss it).