Thanksgiving week

I've never really considered or thought about Thanksgiving being one of those week long holidays, like Christmas, but this year it was. It started on Monday with our church's Thanksgiving Basket Party. We had tons of helpers this year, which truly made it a party!

Then midweek my son went hunting with one of his grandpa's, his first hunting trip. I got a text mid-morning with this picture:

Both kids were gone for the day and I was also off of work. It was AMAZING how much time I had.
I made pies.
and I worked on two quilts.

I didn't clean the house, which in hindsight should've happened. Maybe later. 

The next few days we spent with family. I didn't remember to take many photos, and sometimes really, people don't want me to take so many pictures, especially if I'm going to put them on this blog.

And then Thanksgiving was over and it was time for Christmas.
Big brother gets to put up the star next year, since he will probably be able to reach from the ground. Well, maybe he will still need to stand on a chair if we don't want the tree knocked over.

So thankful for my family, the opportunity to visit with many of them, and a restful Thanksgiving week (after that Monday evening party).