off day

Fridays are one of my days off of work, and last Friday I had plans. I thought it would be a good day to do any last minute shopping for the kids while they were still in school. But by Thursday evening I could see things were spinning some other direction. I pulled my cat out of her box, where she had seemed to have holed up, only to discover that yes, she had been holed up and had not been eating. I had suspicions of that off and on, but it had been a busy week with no followup on those suspicions. I tried to get her to eat some canned cat food and drink some water, but aside from what she licked off of her face where I mushed it on there, she wasn't having it.

My son was also getting sicker. So Friday morning, after confirming that the cat was still alive, I took his temperature and found out that I got to go to the vet AND the pediatrician.

I got the cat the year I graduated from college. I had another cat (the black one below) and thought she might be happier with a buddy since I was at work all day now. Happier would be an exaggerated but she did come to tolerate Isabella. That was 18 years ago.

The vet tech took her temperature, asked questions and then went for the vet. I expected antibiotics and some sort of emergency food / water thing to get her back to stable. Instead, as the vet was talking, I slowly realized she was telling me it was time to put her to sleep. She was old and would require hospitalization and bloodwork to see what was wrong, all of which costs a lot of money. Her body temp was low and I already knew she had some sort of liver thing  but couldn't afford to shell out the money for those pills (or torture her everyday trying to get her to take them). They were very kind and supportive. But my goodness.

So I brought her home in a box.
Then I took my son to the doctor and found out that no, it was not bronchitis, it was flu. And he was going to get to miss a family Christmas party the next day. Thankfully, he recovered quickly and should be ready for the next few in the days ahead.

Here's hoping for happier days ahead and glorious days off, not more off days! Have a wonderful Christmas, filled with love and miracles and reminders of God's provision, even on the worst of days.


  1. So sorry about your beloved cat. I had to make the same decision a few years ago for my dog that I'd had for twelve years. Best to let them go without prolonging the suffering. I hope your busy Christmas and New Year has helped you through your grieving.


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