Friday Finishes--not a lot

It seems like I have sewn a lot this past week, but it was also sunny and warm which means I went outside. I don't use a sewing machine outside, so maybe I didn't do as much sewing as I thought.

My Friday Finish this week?
Two blocks for a Trellis quilt.
I've sewn most of the strips for the patterned part, but then I decided to sew some together with the white strip in the middle. And then I decided to finish up a couple of blocks to see how those go together.

Mostly I've just made lots of little piles everywhere, preventing me from even starting the fabric cutting for another one. That is fine really. I've realized that the three quilts I'm working on now all have May due dates, so I have time. No sense in making myself rushed and stressed for my fun time!

I'm also getting excited about my next trip-- a birthday road trip to Quiltcon in Austin, Texas with my sister and a friend. And just like my snowball effect of piecing together a quilt, thinking about this trip is making me drag out my calendar and start penciling in some more. Cause while I like this place I live ok, sometimes I've really just gotta get outta here.

Speaking of where I live, I did get to go to my first ever City Council meeting and asking them to not put a ginormous apartment building behind my house--and they said agreed! I am much less cynical about government because throughout this whole mess, I kept thinking it really was not going to matter what I said, or if I went. Turns out it did (well, me and a few others). If you are snowed in or really bored, you can even watch this meeting online (the January 27th one).

Have a great weekend, and keep warm!