glimpses of spring

On Friday after school, my daughter decided she wanted to go to her school's "80's Dance" that night. That didn't give us a lot of time to plan what to wear. I showed her a few pics on google and then she went upstairs and put on what she wanted.
I don't really remember boots being big back then but we didn't have any hightops around the house.

I didn't know if the adults were going have the 80s look going on but took a look at my closet. I decided that since I grew up in the 80s, I must secretly be rebelling all that is the 80s. I had no fluorescent anything anymore. No acid washed jeans that are almost white. No colored eyeliner or mascara. My hair is now fully straight rather than the year round perm that was never quite right. I did find two polo-type shirts and layered them, and then rolled up my jeans in that weird way we did in middle school. And grabbed the jellies I bought in college (post 80s) and were now in my daughter's dress up bin. That with the the heart earrings (that were actually from the 80s) and a side little pony tail and that was enough.You just had to be there--no selfies!

The kids did a great job dressing up and had fun. Here they are working on the Thriller dance:

The rest of the weekend was warm. Family visited on Saturday and we were able to walk to Campus Corner for lunch--without coats! I had to work part of Monday but left a little early since I went in super early for the Mayor's Interfaith Breakfast. We all headed outside to soak up the sun and the warmth. My son quickly decided it was time to make a birdhouse with the wood in our yard.

He soon decided it needed to be a squirrel house cause it was too big for birds--which crushed his sister's dreams. Apparently she had made big plans with the insides of that bird house.
I took the time to hang up my quilt hangar back on the side of the garage and tried another picture of that last quilt.
Just in time for a giant shadow from the deck. Still, the lighting was much better than before.

We are all so looking forward to the warmer days that are slowly creeping up on us. And yes, I've heard it might sleet tonight or in the morning. I'll just keep looking at these pictures.