January quilt #2: Everything Nice

No I haven't been quilting 24 hours a day. It HAS been cold though and it is much warmer in my sunny sewing room, and with no sports happening on the weekends I have time to sew.

A very sunny quilt pic:

I bought the pattern a year or so ago from For the Love of Joy. Not sure if the website is active anymore. I think in early winter I started pulling out some fabrics for this one. Some are from Heather Bailey's Lottie Da line, and most of the rest are fabrics I must have received through the Pink Castle Fabrics Stash Stack club, back when I did that.

The pattern worked pretty well. I hit a bit of a snag when it was time to sew the columns to the white strips and then match up the columns somewhat. Almost took out the white strips in the middle but finally got it to work ok.

The back is a mix--a fabric I found on clearance at Joann, another strip of white, and then some leftover gray and gray flowers. I used leftovers from the front fabrics for the binding, which I seem to do quite a lot.
 At least you can see the quilting on this one, even if you can barely see the fabric.

I have one more quilt that will get finished this month. It's a baby quilt (I like to keep some of those on hand for gifts/to sell) and the top is already done.
As I cleaned the room a couple of weeks ago, I didn't listen to myself that I need to finish the quilts I already had planned. I had a LOT of navy fabrics hogging the shelf, so I pulled them out and now I have another quilt to finish. At least it is not in a "to do" bin!


  1. I like the blue and white quilt. I too have a bag full of tops needing to be finished. Problem is I get side tracked looking at these blogs which makes me start a new top. Great job at finishing some up.


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