February quilts- Tumblers and Cotton Candy

After I dug out from all the of the fabric and papers I brought home from Quiltcon, I decided I had time before the end of the month to finish up the Cotton Candy quilt. It is still snowing outside and more importantly about 19 out there, so I chose to take these pics inside!

This one is roughly 3 feet square, so it's baby quilt sized. I went with the scrappy binding again because the whole thing is scrappy. Using one fabric would work well too though, framing all the scrappiness in something unified.

The back is flannel--and I even remembered to add the label before I quilted it. Handstitching three labels in a row because I forgot was not so fun. I also learned how to do a better job sewing on the binding. All those tension problems showing up on the back disappeared when I slowed down and stopped trying to pull it through the machine.

I will likely add this quilt to etsy so if you're interested keep checking.

On Sunday I also finally figured out how I wanted to do a baby quilt I had been planning. And then I cut it out and finished it. Baby quilts are awesome for a quick finish, well, unless I decide to do something with a bunch of tiny pieces.
The front:

And back:

I ended up with quite a few leftover tumbler pieces, since I didn't want to figure out exactly how many I needed and also added and extra fabric at the end. That just means more scraps for another quilt!

Now I'm off to watch the snow fall and a bit of Spongebob with the kids, and maybe piece a few more trellis blocks. Snow cancellations have freed our Saturday up nicely!