from pie to cotton candy

Last Friday I was off work and told myself "today I will sew." But really what happened was baking, pretty much all day.

Some guys from my church are trying to raise money and I made a few things for the bake sale.

I had an extra crust and made a pie for my Valentine (which he shared).

I even had a little bit of crust leftover after all of that and made a little one for my son. My daughter got a tiny bit of dough so she could make something.

After all that, not a bit of time for sewing.
So the next day started with basketball.

I think at some point I sewed a bunch more white strips onto more pieces, making a bit more progress on that trellis quilt. I even had both kids in the room with me at one point, digging through my art supplies because apparently I have a magical cabinet of art supplies. Anyway, I was still not feeling like I was making much progress. There are a zillion blocks to make, which is probably why it was in a book for a quilting bee. Then everyone can make a little before they start dreading the thing.

I had been looking at this picture of a wonky star quilt and realized I had made these stars before for my Starburst quilt.
Pretty soon I had made a few stars as a "break," thinking I could make a couple a day and soon have another quilt made. That's what I've done. I think I have 5 stars finished. I hit a bit of a snag when I got to the pink though.
I dumped out some fabric from the pink scrap bin, made a couple of stars, and then started to clean up. I could not get all the pink scraps back into the bin. It had been jammed into the bin and was rebelling. The only way I know to get rid of a bunch of scraps fast is making a bunch of scrap slabs and forming that into a quilt. I looked at some creative ideas of doing that but ended up with the same old squares.
This is the top for the quilt, which will be called Cotton Candy. Mid-day is just not the best time to take a photograph in full sun! I ended up dividing the pinks into bright pink, pale pink, and a coral pink. I also added some low volume fabrics with pink and one square of light yellow scraps. Maybe I will get at least one quilt finished this month, after I come back from my trip. It is always helpful to take a break from a more methodical, detailed project to break the monotony a bit. Now I just need to make myself finish that Trellis quilt!