warming up

This weekend was so much warmer and sunnier. Sunday afternoon I went outside, then came back in and grabbed my camera and the one kid who would go with me. I was so excited! I hadn't taken many pictures lately because I don't like standing outside in the cold fiddling with the camera, gloves off, then gloves back on. And everything is so brown. We headed over to the duck pond, which is still brown but at least has some lively geese and ducks.

This was her favorite goose.

I also made a bit more progress on my sewing projects since it was a slow weekend and was lovely sunny in my sewing room. It doesn't really feel like a lot of progress when I look at the piles but I'm getting there.

Although I have this much more fabric to piece together, I do have many more of the individual blocks up now.

I have finished three strips of this Crazy Strips quilt, which will end up looking like a zebra print. With a name on it in blue sparkle fabric as ordered. As I have calculated it should end up a twin size--that's my target.

As I was taking these pics, I noticed my daughter left me a little secret message. She's learning--it wasn't on the furniture this time!

Getting very excited about my upcoming road trip to Austin to Quiltcon (accidently typed "quiltcoon" the first time--that would be a CRAZY okie kinda conference) for my birthday weekend. It's making me want to sew and plan projects (and places to eat). The forecast there isn't as warm and sunny as I would like, but I'm sure I will get plenty of warm and sunny soon enough. And the conference is indoors so gorgeous weather would be a distraction, right?