a bit of a break

This week has been spring break for my kids and got to start a little earlier than usual since they were out of school on Friday for Parent/Teacher conferences. Unfortunately my son was sick that day (got his sister's bug from the week before I guess) but that meant a slow day for all of us. On Saturday my daughter decided it was time for some girl time. We ate some lunch together and then headed out for a hike. I decided to go to Sutton Urban Wilderness park rather than our usual duck pond or campus routes. I forgot it had rained most of the day before (we were inside), making it a bit muddy but not terrible.

 We loved the green grassy path!

She loved this old tree even more. I was starting to wonder if we were going to go home ever. And she's already made plans to take her brother back, just as soon as it stops being muddy. Red mud is just not so cool.

A little shelter we found there

She was making notes on how to to get back to the tree spot.

Yesterday we spent a little time at the library checking out some bugs. They are both about too old for this event but the bugs get them every time.

And now, to really make them both super happy, they get to spend the morning at work with me. Not sure that this will be a photo worthy event for them but it should build some character. Or something like that.