broken foot

Last Friday I made a very ambitious but necessary list of chores I needed to do. It included those two quilts I finished but also the usual housecleaning chores. I finished most that day but got to "clean up sewing room" on Saturday. I try to do this each time I finish quilts to get everything back where it needs to go so it looks like a room I want to go to, not run from!

While putting away the fabric, including some of the fabric I bought at Quiltcon, I noticed a fabric I have had for a long time and decided it was time to figure out what to do with it. It was a large scale pattern from MoMo's Just Wing It collection and I wanted to be able to keep it big. I pulled some of my quilt books. I use these things like I use cookbooks. Sometimes I look through them and find something I want to try. Other times I have a fabric or an idea and want ideas of how to use it. Maybe someday I will have enough experience to design my own creations but for now I'm learning these recipes and how they work.

After digging for a bit, I found the Rosewater pattern in Sarah Fielke's Hand Quilted with Love. I have done enough quilts to tweak things a bit, like making the pieces 6" wide instead of 6 1/2" so that I could get more out of the fabrics, all of which were 18" wide. I still did something wrong (I think) because I ended up with a lot more of the blocks, but that allowed me to add another row to make up for those lost inches.

So in between some snow time:

and a school program:

and work (not pictured because I was WORKING), I got this laid out.
I think I shifted it around a bit more after this picture, and then added in the white stripes between each of these rows. That helped calm it down.

And because guests were coming to sleep on that guest bed, and I had a few snow days, the top is now pieced and it is halfway quilted.

I'm quilting it with these little flowers. I was finally getting really good at them this afternoon and then remembered I needed to put the label on the back. I pulled off the foot, put the standard sewing foot on for the label, then took it back off. As I grabbed the darning (free motion) foot, I noticed a piece of metal falling off. It was broken. My daughter was home with me taking a nap (sick day) so I couldn't hop in the car to go get a new one. This saved me some gas money though because with a quick search on the internet I discovered I wouldn't have found one at a local store.

So this quilt is on hold for a week or so, until I borrow the foot from a friend or get my new one in the mail. Thankfully I can use standard presser foot if I want to start a new one, or make a few more scrappy stars.
Otherwise I might clean the room again and start another unplanned new quilt!